The Gate of Hell

Mircea Cantor

Photographer: Bruno Aveillan
Texts: Zoé Balthus & Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz
Pages: 200
Size: 22×28,8 cm
Publisher: Au-Delà Du Raisonnable
Edition : 2012

Divino Inferno tells the unsuspected story of La Porte de l’Enfer, one of the most enigmatic masterpieces in the history of art, and the matrix of all the work of sculptor Auguste Rodin. Bruno Aveillan directed this film from the perspective of a visual artist. Together with writer Zoé Balthus, he explores all the secrets of the monument’s creation, while painting the portrait of a visionary Rodin. The duo teamed up with dancers and contemporary artists such as Mircea Cantor to create a poetic, sensory film that blends the visual arts, dance and literature, offering an original reading of the work of one of the

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Divine Inferno

RODIN Noir Editions
RODIN Noir Editions
RODIN Noir Editions
RODIN Noir Editions



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