The Red Book


Photographer: Bruno Aveillan
Texts: Zoé Balthus & Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz
Pages: 200
Size: 22×28,8 cm
Publisher: Au-Delà Du Raisonnable
Edition : 2012

The Red Book’ is a rich and profound exploration of L’Oréal’s iconic color: red. Inspired by the film directed by the visionary Bruno Aveillan, this book takes us on a journey through the history, beauty, and energy of this captivating shade. It depicts how red has not only shaped the identity of L’Oréal products but also how this color has influenced the world of fashion, beauty, and beyond. A radiant celebration of color, ‘The Red Book’ is a must-have for beauty and art enthusiasts.

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color depth

LorealRED Noir Editions
LorealRED Noir Editions

The red obsession

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LorealRED Noir Editions