Savoir et Faire

Louis Vuitton

Photographer: Bruno Aveillan
Texts: Zoé Balthus & Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz
Pages: 200
Size: 22×28,8 cm
Publisher: Au-Delà Du Raisonnable
Edition : 2012

Discover the quintessence of Louis Vuitton savoir-faire with the ‘Savoir et Faire’ boxed set. Each book is an invitation to travel behind the scenes where magic comes to life: from the watchmaking workshops where time is sculpted, to the haute joaillerie rooms where gems whisper ancient stories; from the ready-to-wear design studios where fabrics dance, to the accessories and shoes workshops where every detail is a celebration; and where it all began, the leather workshop, where leather intertwines with time and tradition. Each work is a tribute to the mastery and passion that define Louis Vuitton. A visual and tactile symphony for lovers of art and craftsmanship.

LV Noir Editions

A visual and tactile

LV Noir Editions