The Film

The Harmonist

Photographer: Bruno Aveillan
Texts: Zoé Balthus & Stéphan Lévy-Kuentz
Pages: 200
Size: 22×28,8 cm
Publisher: Au-Delà Du Raisonnable
Edition : 2012

A new Parisian fragrance house is born: « The Harmonist ». Its new collection of 10 skin fragrances and candles was launched at the Cannes Film Festival. Its concept is summed up in a fascinating black & white film directed by Bruno Aveillan and produced by Quad Productions. In the middle of the set created by Arno Roth, sits Interstuhl’s Silver armchair.

In this film, « The Harmonist », a contemporary alchemist, shapes the destinies of two young people through the power of his perfumed elixirs, which he composes around the five fundamental energies of fire, water, wood, earth and metal in their yin or yang facets. We discover « The Harmonist » at the heart of his exclusive universe, in his perfume organ, seated in his designer’s armchair. Silver by Interstuhl was chosen for its organic, contemporary design, with pure, essential forms that emphasize the perfumer’s silhouette and perfectly accompany his creative harmony.

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